Impact of boating industry - microplastics and fibreglass contamination of the coastal environment Precis: presentation delivered by Dr Corina Ciocan at a workshop in Chichester Harbour

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Maryland Abandoned Boat and Debris Program

Abandoned boats and debris in state waterways can pose a hazard to navigation and to the environment. As part of its commitment to clean, safe and enjoyable recreational boating on Maryland waterways, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provides reimbursable grants and expertise to assist public agencies in the removal of abandoned b...

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Citizen Science project: Brighton Uni

The University of Brighton is running three training workshops in April; one on water sampling, one on photo documentation and the last on blog writing. They have a maximum of 15 places on each workshop training is free. The data collected will be stored, and made publicly available on an open access database as part of a citizen science approach w...

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Canadian Coast Guard urges patience as it deals with up to 1,600 derelict boats

With close to 1,600 abandoned and derelict boats reported to be in the waters around B.C., the Canadian Coast Guard is asking for patience from boaters and others as it works to enforce the two-year-old Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act. Before July 2019, when the act came into effect, it was legal and common to abandon a boat along Canad...

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Scuppered Dreams, Abandoned Boats: An environmental threat in pictures

As long ago as 1999, the US based naval architect Eric Sponberg raised the alarm within the recreational boating community with his outspoken article entitled 'Recycled Dead Boats.' To quote his actual words, he said: "The industry has 'shot itself in the foot' by building boats out of such a durable and almost indestructible material as fibreglass...

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Abandoned fibreglass boats are releasing toxins and microplastics across the world

Where do old boats go to die? The cynical answer is they are put on eBay for a few pennies in the hope they become some other ignorant dreamer's problem. As a marine biologist, I am increasingly aware that the casual disposal of boats made out of fibreglass is harming our coastal marine life. The problem of end-of-life boat management and disposal ...

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One sunken boat pollutes ocean as much as 480,000 plastic straws, non-profit says

More than a thousand abandoned boats are disintegrating along British Columbia's coastline, leaking plastic pollutants into the oceans, and a local non-profit is struggling to remove them faster than they're appearing.John Roe, operations director of the Dead Boat Disposal Society, has been cleaning up derelict boats from B.C.'s waters for more tha...

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