Impact of boating industry - microplastics and fibreglass contamination of the coastal environment Precis: presentation delivered by Dr Corina Ciocan at a workshop in Chichester Harbour

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Maryland Abandoned Boat and Debris Program

Abandoned boats and debris in state waterways can pose a hazard to navigation and to the environment. As part of its commitment to clean, safe and enjoyable recreational boating on Maryland waterways, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provides reimbursable grants and expertise to assist public agencies in the removal of abandoned b...

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Plastic fibres stunt growth in mussels by more than a third – here’s why this is a concern

Plastic fibres stunt growth in mussels by more than a third – here's why this is a concern A study shows that exposure to polyester microfibres inhibits growth in mussels. Plastic pollution poses a threat to marine wildlife. Th...

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Citizen Science project: Brighton Uni

The University of Brighton is running three training workshops in April; one on water sampling, one on photo documentation and the last on blog writing. They have a maximum of 15 places on each workshop training is free. The data collected will be stored, and made publicly available on an open access database as part of a citizen science approach w...

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Brighton Uni meets BCP, PHC and Wessex Water to discuss Badboats

On Jan 31st 2023, BeachPeople (an ocean sports club based in Sandbanks, Dorset) arranged a meeting between Cllr Mark Anderson of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council, Poole Harbour Commissioner Lee Hardy, ruth Barden and Natatlie poulter both from Wessex Water and Dr Corina Ciocan from Birghton University.The aim of the meeting was to unders...

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According to a recent survey, there are an estimated six million boats in the EU alone, 95% of which are made of GRP (glass reinforced plastic). Every year, around 1-2% (60,000-120,000) of these boats reach the end of their useful life. Of these, only 2,000 are recycled, while 6,000-9,000 are abandoned. Recycling old boats is an expensive business,...

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Bournemouth Echo reports on the Badboats campaign

Warnings have been given about the environmental impact of glass fibre boats sinking in Poole Harbour. At a meeting of BCP Council recently, resident Phil Hanchett called on BCP Council to support a campaign which aims to collect the sunken vessels in the harbour. Speaking to councillors at the full council meeting in November, he said: "Following ...

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BCP Council support the Badboats campaign

On the 16th November 2022, BeachPeople (an ocean sports club based near Sandbanks in Dorset) raised the following question at the Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole (BCP)  monthly cabinet meeting: Following a recent study in Chichester Harbour it was found that derelict glass fibre boats do not biodegrade; rather they degrade into strands...

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First evidence of GRP boats’ “cancerous” impact on aquatic life

Microscopic analysis of oysters, mussels and sediment from Chichester Harbour has uncovered a dizzying number of glass fibres linked back to boatyards and derelict vessels. A derelict GRP boat. Credit: The 'really worrying' findings by University of Brighton researchers who undertook studies off the coast of Hampshire and West Suss...

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New initiative to look at the rise in abandoned boats

New initiative to look at the rise in abandoned boats - Yachting Monthly The number of abandoned boats around the coasts of the UK and Europe is growing. Now a new initiative is to look at the scale of the problem The scale of boat dumping around the UK ...

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Glass-reinforced plastic recycling: industrial plants using Korec technology opened.

Half a century from the beginning of Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) production, there is now a strong need to find a sustainable solution for the recycling of this material, which does not currently know effective large-scale processes that can allow its reuse, to the point that the use of landfills and incineration for their "end of life" is still...

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Canadian Coast Guard urges patience as it deals with up to 1,600 derelict boats

With close to 1,600 abandoned and derelict boats reported to be in the waters around B.C., the Canadian Coast Guard is asking for patience from boaters and others as it works to enforce the two-year-old Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act. Before July 2019, when the act came into effect, it was legal and common to abandon a boat along Canad...

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Scuppered Dreams, Abandoned Boats: An environmental threat in pictures

As long ago as 1999, the US based naval architect Eric Sponberg raised the alarm within the recreational boating community with his outspoken article entitled 'Recycled Dead Boats.' To quote his actual words, he said: "The industry has 'shot itself in the foot' by building boats out of such a durable and almost indestructible material as fibreglass...

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Hundreds of abandoned boats dumped around Devon and Cornwall

It's been called the fly-tipping of the maritime world. Hundreds of plastic boats are dumped on foreshores and tidal creeks around Devon and Cornwall. The problem is costing authorities thousands of pounds, harming the environment and can be seen from space but dealing with it has, in some cases, become "torturous". Sinking into the mud of Hooe Lak...

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What’s the future for derelict GRP boats?

It's the elephant in the cabin, the big question that's been looming for decades: 'What do we do with old GRP boats?' writes Nic Compton.Anyone who has been for a beach walk in popular boating areas in the UK can't help but have noticed the growing number of abandoned boats accumulating on the foreshore or collecting moss up some leafy creek.Most b...

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Fibreglass Boats Pollute

In some other parts of the world this problem is taken seriously. The USA state of California, (you know, the one that defied Trump's efforts to undermine the state's right to fight climate change) has taken a tough approach. Owners found guilty of abandoning a vessel are fined $1,000 – $3,000 plus the considerable costs of removal and disposal. Ho...

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Proboat: Fiberglass Disposal Part 1

The problem of sensible and effective fiberglass disposal is well documented, and proven technological and regulatory solutions are available. So why does practical end-of-life disposal for old composite boats remain elusive? It's 2021 and we are still trying to figure out how to best deal with derelict fiberglass boats. In the United States and ma...

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Abandoned fibreglass boats are releasing toxins and microplastics across the world

Where do old boats go to die? The cynical answer is they are put on eBay for a few pennies in the hope they become some other ignorant dreamer's problem. As a marine biologist, I am increasingly aware that the casual disposal of boats made out of fibreglass is harming our coastal marine life. The problem of end-of-life boat management and disposal ...

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Plastic boats – how should we dispose of old boats when they reach the end of their lives?

Steve Franklin is on a mission. He's made it his business to deal with the increasing numbers of boats in the UK reaching the end of their useful lives, too many of which end up abandoned in marinas or cluttering up creeks around the country. It's a growing problem which the UK's boating industry – unlike most other European countries – seems to be...

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One sunken boat pollutes ocean as much as 480,000 plastic straws, non-profit says

More than a thousand abandoned boats are disintegrating along British Columbia's coastline, leaking plastic pollutants into the oceans, and a local non-profit is struggling to remove them faster than they're appearing.John Roe, operations director of the Dead Boat Disposal Society, has been cleaning up derelict boats from B.C.'s waters for more tha...

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