Glass-reinforced plastic recycling: industrial plants using Korec technology opened.

Glass-reinforced plastic recycling: industrial plants using Korec technology opened.

Half a century from the beginning of Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) production, there is now a strong need to find a sustainable solution for the recycling of this material, which does not currently know effective large-scale processes that can allow its reuse, to the point that the use of landfills and incineration for their "end of life" is still the most widespread practice.

The Italian company Korec has developed a highly innovative process, which is able to recover from composite materials, not only the fiber (glass fiber or carbon fiber), but also the organic part (resin), which can be reused for production of new fiberglass objects, with the generation of recovered materials with high added value that can make the process profitable and sustainable on an industrial scale.

In fact, after several years of optimization and development of the process on a pilot scale, the first industrial plant in the world that uses this technology was recently built. The plant is located at the Rivierasca SPA in Bergamo (Italy), company that produces GRP laminates since 1963, and whose owner, Mr. Giacomo Bonaiti, is a point of reference at European level in the development of sustainable technologies for the recycling of fiberglass.

by 01 April 2022

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