Glass-reinforced plastic recycling: industrial plants using Korec technology opened.

Half a century from the beginning of Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) production, there is now a strong need to find a sustainable solution for the recycling of this material, which does not currently know effective large-scale processes that can allow its reuse, to the point that the use of landfills and incineration for their "end of life" is still...

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Fibreglass Boats Pollute

In some other parts of the world this problem is taken seriously. The USA state of California, (you know, the one that defied Trump's efforts to undermine the state's right to fight climate change) has taken a tough approach. Owners found guilty of abandoning a vessel are fined $1,000 – $3,000 plus the considerable costs of removal and disposal. Ho...

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Proboat: Fiberglass Disposal Part 1

The problem of sensible and effective fiberglass disposal is well documented, and proven technological and regulatory solutions are available. So why does practical end-of-life disposal for old composite boats remain elusive? It's 2021 and we are still trying to figure out how to best deal with derelict fiberglass boats. In the United States and ma...

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Plastic boats – how should we dispose of old boats when they reach the end of their lives?

Steve Franklin is on a mission. He's made it his business to deal with the increasing numbers of boats in the UK reaching the end of their useful lives, too many of which end up abandoned in marinas or cluttering up creeks around the country. It's a growing problem which the UK's boating industry – unlike most other European countries – seems to be...

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Support for UK boat scrapping scheme

Support for UK boat scrapping scheme - Yachting Monthly A solution to the problem of end-of-life boats and how to dispose of them could be on the horizon A working party has been set up by the European Boating Association (EBA) to look at the issue of end-of-life boats ...

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